News - September 1996

Children's Animated Television launches Internet search tool

Children's Animated Television (CAT), a non-profit organization that uses technology and animation to produce educational videos for youth, today unveiled "Quaichang Furball's Find-it Easy" Web site, a dynamic search tool that allows Internet users to access multiple search engines in one location. This public service Web site has been designed to simplify on-line research tasks as it generates sponsorship for CAT.

The Web site lets you jump between the major Internet search engines, get a brief description of the best use for each, and access directories all on one screen. The power of this search tool is its ease of use, designed for the novice or veteran Internet user.

"'Quaichang Furball's Find-it Easy' Web site is exactly what the user needs to browse the Internet as quickly and efficiently as possible," said Bessie Hadley, executive director of Children's Animated Television. "The tool was created in response to our own research needs and the result is a superior search tool that generates financial support for a worthwhile non-profit. We hope that people make the site their homepage and help us attract sponsorships for CAT."

The tool simplifies research projects, price comparison shopping and information searches. Other highlights include the latest news, weather and financial information. "Quaichang Furball's Find-it Easy" requires a frames-capable browser which can be easily downloaded from the site. "Quaichang Furball's Find-it Easy" Web site can be found at www.qcfurball.com.

"In today's economy, CAT, like other non-profit organizations, must think of new and creative methods of raising funds," says Claude DiDomenica, president of Children's Animated Television. "'Quaichang Furball's Find-it Easy' Web site is a public service as well as an instrument for generating support for CAT."

Children's Animated Television (CAT) is a progressive 501-C-3 non-profit organization that applies technology and animation to produce educational videos for children and teens on difficult social issues such as AIDS, diversity, substance abuse and violence.

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