News - September 1996

First Trans-violence Webpage launched

Emilia Lombardi, National Research Coordinator for GenderPAC, recently announced the launch of a new World-Wide Web page devoted to studying trans-related violence. The page is located at http://www.cdspub.com/srvy.html, and contains the full text of the national Study on TransViolence currently distributed by GenderPAC through snail mail.

Said JoAnn Roberts, a GenderPAC board member, "We are confident that by using the Web, we can make this study available to many people who would otherwise never have had access to it. The Web and the Net, already important places for transpeople to meet and organize, are now becoming a place for us to do research critical to our community."

Echoing these sentiments, Lombardi added, "Not only have most studies totally ignored violence against the gender-variant, but the few studies of any kind on transpeople are generally have only a couple dozen respondents. By leveraging the global reach of the Web, we think we can collect an unprecedented sample size of over 1,000 people. This community *needs* a definitive benchmark of transviolence, and we're committed to using every available tool to make that a reality."

Among other uses, final results of the survey are planned for use at the upcoming 2nd National Gender Lobbing Day in May 1997, when gender activists will lobby their congressional representatives for inclusion in future versions of the Hate Crimes Statistics Act (HCSA).

GenderPAC's survey was developed in coordination with the Gay & Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, or AVP, a national group which pioneered research and advocacy services for gender and queer people. The survey is directed to anyone who is trans- identified, gender-variant, or genderqueer.

People unable to access the Web can get a survey via e-mail by contacting Ms. Lombardi at CherRed@En.Com, or via snail-mail by sending a SASE addressed to: Ms. Emilia Lombardi, GenderPAC Research, 291 Grove St. #1, Akron, OH 44302.

All surveys are anonymous and completely confidential.

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