By David Brager

Life is raw emotions, pure perception, and mere chance
With a sprinkle of identity that comes alive too late
Though parents try to justify your incidents with Fate
Sometimes you have to go alone, from your own circumstance

Tis been a quarter century since New York had a blight
Brought on by mere corruption of the city fathers there
Though others say that there was really magic in the air
When police tore down Stonewall, it was a hellish fight.

What began as just a bust became a martyred mess.
For Gay Men stood there, arm in arm, and fought to stand their ground
Although the police thought they'd break, the riot soon was found
And out of all the rubble, a new fortitude was blessed.

So if you think that Gay means weak, let me take you aside
We pull together with our wills as well as with our vote
And on the job, you'll see our lines are hard to what we tote
It takes real courage to be Gay, for this we do have pride.

David Brager isn't exactly male, nor exactly female, but was born XXY. He has taken upon himself the attempt to save others from the path that he took to self-discovery through his writings and his poetry. David is currently attending Columbia Basin College, in Pasco, Washington, and is working to get that campus' Alternative Lifestyle Team off the ground. He has been out for seven years, but is still married. You can visit him at his home page. David is 35, or as he puts it, 18 with 17 years of experience.
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