Album Review: "I'm Coming Out"

By Andrew Downing

Once in a very long time, a CD is released that can make just about any gay man, young or old, feel like kicking off his heels (or was that kicking UP his heels) and dancing.

"I'm Coming Out" is once such CD. A compilation made specifically for gay men, BY gay men, and released to coincide with Pride Week, this CD can stir feelings of pride and fabulousness in almost any gay man.

As I listened to this CD, I found myself reflecting more and more upon how nice it was not to have to listen to some poor clueless lovesick straight boy pining away because his woman wouldn't give him any. (Or worse, singing about it if she DID!) I mean, let's face it, some music is gay, and some just ISN'T. If you don't know what I'm talking about, compare the musical stylings of Metallica and Abba. Can YOU guess which is gay and which isn't?

This CD IS undoubtedly gay, and it's a terrific party CD. From gay anthems like the classic Weather Girls smash "It's Raining Men" to brand new songs such as "America (I Love America)" by Full Intention, this CD has something for just about everyone, including the ubiquitous introspective ballad (that's a sad slow song, folks) co-written by the man behind the entire album and performed by Carol Medina. However, with 16 fast songs and one ballad, it's a fairly safe party CD. And if *that* weren't enough for you, a percentage of the profits from "I'm Coming Out" will be donated to the Toronto People With AIDS Foundation.

All things considered, I think "I'm Coming Out" is an invaluable addition to any gay man's library, and very much worth the purchase price.

"I'm Coming Out" is available at better record stores everywhere from Quality Records (QCD2139)

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