More Quotable Quotes in the Coming Out Process

by Bill

As time goes on, I start to remember with my excellent long-term memory all the things people have said to me when we had that "little discussion about gay people" whether or not I told them myself, you will have to use context clues to figure that out:

"You know that thing in the paper really annoyed me about the gay marriage thing."
"How's that, Christine?"
"You should be able to marry who you want, whether of the same or opposite sex. You bring me in a letter or something you write to the assemblyman in the area, and I will sign it. The taxes here are outrageous, don't they have anything better to do than try and pass laws like this?"
"Cool, I never knew you were so fair-minded on this!"
"Of course I am, everyone should have the right to marriage, and the government should protect that. Now is that coffee a large or a small you have there?"
(The clerk that works in the bakery I go in every morning to get breakfast.)

"You know, it really does not bother me, I just do not get it. I mean I have showered with tons of guys playing football and all, and I never understood what their problem was! I am secure enough in my heterosexuality not to feel worried."
(A football player co-worker of mine.)

"You should meet my friend Michael from New York state where I came from. He is great. A very nice guy and all. He just had a heart attack though, I hope he will be all right. And my friends, Tina and Stacey. They have been together for over 15 years. When they come down, you will have to take them out."
(A general manager of mine in a past job.)

"It just should not matter. Know what, Billbob, if you have anything gay, let me know, I will go with you and protest or whatever. Bigotry is such bullshit! Besides, you did not chose to be gay anyway! And even if someone did somehow, then they should have the same rights as everyone else. And the same equal respect. "

"Billy, the only problem with you guys is that you want more rights than everyone else and all."
"What rights are those?"
"I don't know, um...special rights."
"Tessy, If you got denied a job because you were a Catholic woman, how would you feel? Did you not know that it is against federal law to discriminate against someone based on race, creed, color, religion, sex, or national origin? BUT NOT sexual orientation? Did you not know that I could be denied care in a hospital in 41 of the 50 states except some counties/towns just because I am gay or perceived to be gay?? A job? Housing? Do you get what I mean here?"
Pause. Silence.
"Oh my God, I never knew that. Well, that is not fair, I think."
"Yup. Now do you see what I mean?"
"Go away, Billy, get some coffee."
(A female waitress in the restaurant I worked in, who just cannot STAND being proved wrong!)

"You know, I was afraid that if I ever met anyone homosexual, I would become one or something. But I guess that is not the case!"
(Another co-worker, who thought I could zap him with a "gay zip gun" or something.)

"When did you first know you were gay?"
(An acquaintance.)

"I never understand what the big deal is that the activists make out of the whole thing, though. I have no problem with it, no problem with them in the military, no problem with them at all, just do not make such an issue out of it!"
(An employee who came from the inner city, and obviously did not understand gay rights activism and its methods and downfalls.)

"So what, that does not bother me. I am tired of hearing people bitch about it. Then again, nothing really phases me anyway."
(An employee whose family has been a close friend of mine for years.)

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