Papers wanted for gay African Studies group

As an outgrowth of the recently formed affiliate organization of the African Studies Association, Gays & Lesbians in African Studies (GLAS), we are editing a volume on the evolution of gay, lesbian, bisexual or other same-sex predominant identities, social organization, and studies on and in Africa. This volume strives to craft and advance theory through documenting, analyzing, and comparing contemporary and historical case research of same-sex life on the continent.

The editors seek additional chapter submissions on a range of topics, including--but not limited to--religion and homosexuality in Africa, migration issues and urban/rural differences in sexual identity and socio-political organization, the impact of colonialism on same-sex behavior/identity, historical and evolving cases of same-sex social organization, and human rights dimensions of coming out in Africa.

A university publisher has already been selected and chapter topics must be submitted for consideration by January 15, 1997. Submissions should only be made for case research that will be completed by that date and for which an initial draft chapter (if selected) could be completed by May 1, 1997.

Please submit chapter topic abstracts -- or completed papers, if available -- to the editors, Matthew Roberts and Len Hirsch at: 1930 New Hampshire Avenue NW, Unit #12, Washington, D.C. 20009 (or email: mroberts@brtrc.com and lph@ic.si.edu). We may also be reached by telephone at either 202/986-1453 (Roberts) or 202/667-4631 (Hirsch). Matthew Roberts, founder of GLAS, holds a Ph.D. in Public Policy with a focus on African political economy and development and has worked extensively on HIV/AIDS prevention in Africa. Dr. Len Hirsch is founder of GLOBE, the gay, lesbian, bisexual organization of federal employees, the gay/lesbian caucus of the American Political Science Association, and works with the international programs office of the Smithsonian Institution.

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