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Liz Gaden

October 1996

Hello all readers of Oasis. My name is Liz Gaden, yes that is pronounced GAY-den. Sorry I don't have a picture, but I don't have a scanner and, well, I'm not photogenic. Well, for those of you who like to know what the person your reading about looks like, I have shoulder length brown hair, green eyes and I am 5' 7" 1/2. I live outside of Austin, Texas and go to Leander High School. Leander is what you would call a hick town. It consists of a feed store, cafe, gun shop, and a school district. Thank goodness it is near Austin or else I would die!! Anyway, I thought I should write to try and reach other people. I feel obligated because coming out to my parents and brothers was so easy. I'm not out at school though.

Recently I went to the 9th Annual Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (aGLIFF) with some of my gay friends. It was really a good experience for me because it was the first time I actually went out and did something with my friends. It was also an amazing experience because I fit in!! I never fit in! I'm sure many of you know this feeling. I never have fit in; but I thought it was in my genes because no one in my family really fits in with anyone else.

I find it amazing among the gay community that we all went through the same thing, with slight variations of course. We can refer to something such as (I know this happens a lot) having the problem of falling for someone who is straight and we all immediatly understand. For instance, I was watching "Boys on the Side" with my cousin and when it was over she said, "I don't get it." I was floored. Anyway, apparently she didn't understand that Jane (Whoopi Goldberg's charecter) was in love with Mary-Louise Parker's character (I forget her name). In the movie I went to see the other day at aGLIFF there were so many scenes where I thought, "My straight friends would not get that, would they?" Although in the company that I was in, everyone understood and it got a huge response.

I find it to be a wonderful thing that there is that common bond between us all. We all know where each other are coming from to an extent. I also love that little thing called gay-dar. I don't know where it comes from or how it got there but when I'm walking down the street or down the hall at school I always see one of us. When I am in town and I see a rainbow sticker on someone's car I always have to smile. I don't know, you might think I'm crazy, but I love the sense of belonging, finally!! Feel free to write me and tell me your thoughts and ideas. If you just want to talk that's great too, people say I'd make a good psychatrist. See you next month!

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