October 1996

Hi all! Thanks for visiting my little corner of Oasis. I hope everyone enjoyed their summer. And now we all have to go back to the hellhole called school. Oh well.

My courses this year aren't easy. One of the maths I have requires geometry. However, it is still offered as a course to both sophomores and juniors. Now the standard honors math for sophomores is Comprehensive Geometry Honors. That can be taken with Math Analysis Honors, which is the standard for the juniors who have already taken the 10th grade honors math. So in other words, I have taken a math course that needs knowledge of a math course that I am taking this year. It is not fun. And the month isn't even over.

Already, I have been assigned projects to do, books to read and presentations to give. Of course I should be able to handle it, because I am an "honors" student. I am supposed to feel special because I get 5 hours of homework every single day. That sets me aside from everyone else.

I have noticed something about us gay teens. We all seem pretty good in school and/or with computers. Is it just me or are all gay teens like that? E- mail me on that one.

Now with the presidential election coming up, who should be the winner? I would vote for Clinton, but I can't, and if I could vote, my teachers would dump on me piles and piles of work for me to do, which is totally uncool. As for Bob Dole, he is to old for the job. I don't think he can win. He isn't popular like Clinton, but that is just my opinion. And those Republicans are to Christian oriented, no offense. They seem to think that if you aren't a Christian, you aren't an American. Actually not all Republicans are like that, just Pat Buchanan. Thus ends the political part of this column.

Well, got to go now. Goodbye all my loyal readers, and until next month, see ya! And e-mail me. I need something I want to read. And read my poem in the poem section. I e-mailed it to someone and he said it was pretty good. Let me know what you think.

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