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Kenneth Melanson

October 1996

A week in the life of...me! (Who else would it be?)

Well, hello! After about a week of thinking and brain-storming for my latest article, I decided to write about my life. It can sometimes be difficult to find time to research "the big issues," so I am going to take a cue from my fellow Nova Scotia writers (Robert and Matt) and write about myself! So here we go!

Well, it's school time again, and so I am back in the hallowed halls of Jann Arden in concert. I took my good friend Colleen and my cousin Billy. (Edward was supposed to attend, but he couldn't since he had gone home to Newfoundland.) It was totally awesome! Colleen and I were going to get a drink from the water fountain while waiting to be seated, and saw that Jann was signing autographs by the backstage door. So, of course, we hightailed it over there! We spoke with Jann, and she remembered signing a picture for me (well, not for me - it was for a friend of mine, Josh, who lives in Georgia and is a big fan of Jann's) the last time she was in town for a concert (Nov 15th). I was shocked that she remembered! She couldn't remember my name, but she remembered that I was the only person on the whole tour who had a friend in the States that liked her music...or so she said.

It was cool, though. Jann signed my ticket envelope and Colleen's tape, and told her to enjoy the show, since this was the first concert she had ever been to. Then, she saw my rainbow necklace and said the nicest thing. She said that I should "Be proud of who I am". I was overwhelmed! Before she went back stage, I asked her to dedicate her song "I would die for you" to Colleen since it was her favorite song by Jann, and to dedicate her song "Wonderdrug" to Edward and my good friend Wes. I know they both couldn't be there to hear her dedicate the song, but it made me feel nice, and it was a nice gesture. She did as I asked...she's a nice singer okay?? She's good to her fans!

I've since emailed her via her fan club. She (Jann) told me that she reads all her fan mail, and that she tries to even read all the fan e-mail, so if I told her all about the concert, she should remember. So, we may start e-mailing back and forth...which would be really cool. If it doesn't happen and I just get someone from her fan club, oh well, I was close! She (Jann) is heading back to the studio to record her 3rd Album, and judging by the new song I heard at her concert, it should be really cool!

Other than that, I haven't really done that much in the past little while. I went and met this guy from IRC, his name is Shawn. He was nice. We hung out Friday night, went for coffee, walked. It was fun.

I went over to my friend Blair's house last weekend, and hung out with my friends Anthony, Steve, Chris, and Blair (well, of course, it was his apartment!) We just talked and listened to music the whole day, it was fun. I want to mention that Steve's dorm won the frosh war at his school, so congrats to him!

Well, there really isn't much else to say, I guess. I would love to hear what you think about my column, though, so why don't you email me? I can be reached at school or at home. I am also on IRC, but not that often. I am KennethNS on #gay_halifax. You can also visit my homepage. Be sure to leave a message on my address book, I love to have new comments!

Take care all!

"Be proud of who you are!" -- Jann Arden

Keep the peace! Remember, sex is good, but safe sex is better!

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