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The RRR Test

by Brad Nelson

(With thanks to comedian Jeff Foxworthy, for inadvertently providing the inspiration for this with his "Redneck Test.")

If you wanted see if you, or someone else, passed the test for being associated with a given group or organization, this can be done by testing for certain traits, beliefs, or actions. For example, to determine if someone might be member of the Ku Klux Klan, you might consider these characteristics...

So, let's see what questions might typically apply to members or activists in the Religious Radical Right -- the RRR...

In a free America, there's nothing unlawful about one's espousing the beliefs and values above, although most of us probably would feel sorry for anyone who truly held such narrow views.

But there is something very wrong when people are intolerant, and then try to impose their restrictive personal values and beliefs upon others -- or upon all of society -- against their will.

On November 3, 1994, the GOP enjoyed a landslide victory, but it was not due AT ALL to any desire by the people to support the chilling and repressive agenda of the RRR... despite the RRR's boisterous claims to the contrary. They tried to take full credit for it, saying that it proved that Americans supported THEIR agenda.

However, The American people had plainly and simply believed that the Republicans might be able to give them a better chance to gain the changes that they REALLY wanted (1) a reduction of federal regulations, (2) the elimination of "pork barrel" waste, (3) passage of the line-item veto, and (4) setting reasonable term limits. To accomplish THOSE ends, the people gave the Republicans their chance. It was just that simple.

Ten months later, a courageous group of 26 pro-freedom Republican congresspersons DEMANDED the elimination of several anti-choice measures from a major appropriations bill! Many of the Republicans in Congress are in the pocket of the RRR -- but not all of them.

The Religious Radical Right does NOT represent the American people, any more than does the Ku Klux Klan. Under 400,000 people are activists to any degree in the RRR, and there are fewer than two million passive sympathizers. That's a total of only 1 out of 108 Americans, tops.

On the other hand, about 150 million Americans profess Christianity. So how many Christians have become ensnared by the deceptions of the intolerant and obnoxious RRR Cult? No more than 2 or 3 percent.

America has no problem with Christians, nearly all of whom have nothing to do with the bizarre agenda of the RRR.

The problem is the political clout that the RRR has gained solely by making themselves the noisiest squeaky wheel on the block. It's time to relegate that bigoted group to the history books where they belong... right alongside the KKK and the neo-Nazis.

The document below was originally written for, and distributed widely at, the Iowa Republican Straw Poll, held at Ames, Iowa in August, 1995 -- to help the attendees to think about what they were doing. (At least 90% of those in attendance were Religious Radical Right (RRR) adherents, thousands of whom weren't even Iowans, but had been brought in from adjoining states in scores of busses, so they could support the candidates who were in the RRR's pocket... mainly Dole and Buchanan.

This document was modified in 1996 for general distribution to the public, but to date has had very little exposure.

--Brad Nelson 9-12-96

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