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Letter from the Editor

October 1996

As you can see this month, Jase has been busy preparing a new look for Oasis. Hopefully, the new design will make it easier to find what you're looking for. As always, feedback is great.

Oasis is again growing in leaps and bounds. There are more columnists each month and this month we even add a new female writer. We're still too white male dominated, but I can't control that. We have an open door policy on writers, so this can easily be changed.

Derik Cowan, who has written for Oasis since its inception, is featured this month in Genre, the one with Tony Ward on the cover as one of the gay community's "21 under 21" who are making a difference. The article discusses Derik's family problems, but Oasis is a major chunk of the article, so be sure to check that out.

We're officially switching everything over to this site this month, so please if you link into Oasis, please make sure the page you link from is going directly to www.oasismag.com.

Another new addition this month are the staff web pages, which allow you to read columns by one particular writer without having to sift through each back issue. And more features are on the way, such as RealAudio and more avenues through which we will be getting the word out about Oasis.

One thing people mention to me, in e-mail or on IRC is that Oasis has a slant they don't like. We're too liberal, too white, too whatever. This is just untrue. Every conservative who complained about our supposed liberal slant has been offered column space, and to date, no one has ever followed through on offering that viewpoint. Many of our writers are liberal, many of our subjects are also, but the webzine in and of itself has no political slant. If you think something is given too much focus, write something else and we'll include it. Basically, I'm just saying that if you plan to send me empty e-mail whining about something without any plan to follow-up and do something about, save us both time and just don't write to me.

When I say Oasis is your voice for queer youth on the net, that doesn't mean we take requests. That means you have the power to share your voice. Either you're up to the challenge or you're not.



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