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News - October 1996

Drag-wearing high schooler having troubled times

Matt Stickney, 15 and openly gay hasn't been having a good school year ever since he has tried to dress in drag in Burlington, Vermont.

After three days of going to class in a dress, wig and full make-up, his principal declared an end to it September 9. Two days later, other students protested the principal's decision.

Principal Ridgley Schott says Stickney's appearance distracted other students from their classwork.

Shortly after the media storm around this story broke, Stickney was reported missing. When he called a television station to report he was okay but in hiding, authorities found his whereabouts.

For up to date information on the Stickney case, check out the web site for Vermont's only glbt at: http://members.aol.com/oitm/

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