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News - October 1996

Coloradoans put best foot forward for AIDS

By Michael Ditto

Well over 10,000 people gathered in Denver's Cheeseman Park on September 8 to participate in AIDS Walk Colorado, the state's biggest annual AIDS fund-raiser. People from all walks of life attended the opening ceremonies, and many completed the 10k walk. In total, over 1.2 million dollars was raised by over 100,000 individual contributors. Corporate sponsorship was again heavy, with companies such as $100,000 donor Quark, and $42,000 donor US West. Others included Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Colorado and Telecommunications Incorporated.

Rounding the corner on City Park Drive, people are looking forward to the second half of the 10k walk.

Local and national AIDS Walk coordinators drew criticism again this year due to the length of the walk. Because of the six mile distance, many of the people who AIDS Walk Colorado is intended to support cannot participate because they are too ill to complete the walk. Suggestions for next year's walk include a more repetitive course so that people who are sick or become too tired may stop off one or two thirds of the way through. Other suggestions include shortening the route, and providing shuttle service for those forced to stop.

Many different political groups added to the festivities, including Stoneall Democrats and Rep. David Skaggs.

Participants are now looking forward to next year's tenth annual walk, planning their strategies for raising even more money. For nine years AIDS Walk Colorado has raised money for local AIDS organizations including Colorado AIDS Project (www.coloaids.org), Project Angel Heart, local hospices, meals-on-wheels and assisted living care centers. Nationally, AIDS Walk has been responsible for raising millions of dollars to support people living with AIDS, and to support prevention and awareness programs, as well as AIDS research.

Showing off the 1996 total, these proud representatives for over the 100,000 contributors rejoice.

For more information on AIDS Walk in your community, consult your local AIDS Project or health department. For more information on AIDS Walk Colorado, contact them at (303)861-WALK.

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