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News - October 1996

Talk show for gay community debuts on the net

SEATTLE, WA -- Hangin'OUT (http://www.hanginout.com), the first worldwide interactive talk show for gay men, lesbians, bisexual and transgender people, debuted live on Sunday, October 6. Every Sunday evening, Hangin'OUT will broadcast live exclusively via the Internet between 4 and 6 p.m. (Pacific Time). In addition to the live Sunday broadcasts, Hangin'OUT will archive all shows using RealAudio technology for on-demand listening at any time.

Co-Hosts John McMullen and Lucia Regan will welcome cyber-listeners for two hours of interesting, provocative and entertaining conversation. "We're going to start each show with a newscast that has information which means something to sexual minorities," says McMullen, who is also the show's creator and executive producer. "Hangin'OUT will bring interesting people from all walks of life together to talk about a variety of topics. Our listeners are a very important part of the program. They'll be able to call in or send e-mail to express their viewpoints. This is the first time that a listener-participation program has provided an instant global forum for our community."

Weekly segments on Travel, Arts & Books, Love & Sex, Web Sites & Technology, and Tinseltown will be a regular part of Hangin'OUT. Humor dominates the Tinseltown Queer segment when Hollywood comedian Nicholas Snow dishes the inside scoop around the entertainment industry. John Weaver, an Atlanta-based travel expert will provide weekly tips on destinations and how to get the most for the travel dollar. Cleveland Mack and Charlie Dyer will review interesting gay/lesbian-themed books and entertainment. Sexologist Malcolm McKay will offer healthy discussion on love and sex as Dr. Ruthless. Jackie Fabbri will update listeners on great web sites and the latest and greatest advances in high technology.

Hangin'OUT will also welcome guest commentators on a regular basis to share political analysis and perspectives. Sherry Harris, a former Seattle City Councilwoman and the first "out" African American Lesbian to be elected to public office in the United States, will be the primary political analyst. Ms. Harris is presently writing a book on the civil rights movement and sexual minorities.

Building on the concept of interactivity, Hangin'OUT will occasionally originate from or be participating in special events. In October, part of the show will originate from the display of the International AIDS Memorial Quilt in Washington, D.C. Another special broadcast is planned in December when Hangin'OUT will present a live Internet performance of the Seattle Men's Chorus Holiday Concert.

The Internet is emerging into a powerful force for social change and community involvement. Hangin'OUT will use that power to reach out to a highly dispersed audience hungry for engaging content. The show is distributed by WebActive, an online publication of Progressive Networks, Inc. "We created WebActive as a sophisticated, yet entertaining, gateway to progressive resources on the Web. Hangin'OUT is a welcome addition to our offerings and we are excited to make its important message available," said Sam Tucker, Publisher of WebActive. Hangin'OUT is possible because of RealAudio technology, an audio-based multi-media delivery system for the Internet. With RealAudio, anyone with a multi-media PC can tune in live or access an archive of any program. The technology is developed and marketed by Progressive Networks. "RealAudio empowers people with the ability to create and distribute content in a new and dynamic medium - the Internet. We're happy that it enables new, diverse and creative voices, like those on Hangin' Out, to reach an audience," said Andy Sharpless, Progressive Network's Vice President in charge of WebActive.

Hangin'OUT is an advertiser-supported program, similar to most radio talkshows. This is one of the first opportunities for advertisers who have supported various gay/lesbian media to venture into the broadcast format. The audience is comprised primarily of technology-savvy professionals in the 20-to-50 age range. Web sites and service providers who have created content on the Internet for the GLBT Community have been tremendously successful because there are tens, if not hundreds of thousands of people visiting their sites on the World Wide Web daily. Hangin'OUT is creating strategic relationships with some of these organizations to share traffic.

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