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News - October 1996

SLDN Launches Revised, State-of-the-Art Web Site

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network launched a revised web site Sept. 23 that utilizes cutting edge Internet technology to generate data efficiently and easily. The new system uses web server API codes to retrieve requested documents from a central database. The system also allows SLDN personnel to remotely administer, update and edit web site content, ensuring web site visitors receive dynamically updated information.

Additionally, the site allows SLDN personnel to view the site's usage statistics, such as how often information is accessed, what components have generated the most interest, etc., to facilitate the provision of optimal web user satisfaction.

On the user side, a search mechanism is available allowing searches of web site content by kind of document, such as policy statements, action alerts, press releases, etc.

The popular "What's New" section of SLDN's web site is now generated dynamically, delivering the latest additions the minute they are added to the site and displaying them immediately the next time the page is requested. The server also provides some page customization, depending on what type of browser the user is running, and delivers appropriate HTML codes to utilize Netscape Plugins or Microsoft's ActiveX Controls.

Additionally, the web site content is based on a template delivery scheme, allowing for global changes in the entire web site in a matter of minutes.

Since many SLDN web site users utilize modem based Internet connections, the document menus include the link's approximate kilobyte size, so that users can anticipate the amount of time a particular document will take to transfer via a modem line.

"Servicemembers Legal Defense Network is the only national legal aid and watchdog organization that assists men and women targeted by the military's policy on homosexuals. They provide crucial and, in many cases, life-saving information for servicemembers targeted by the current 'Don't Ask, Don't tell, Don't Pursue' policy," said Clinton Fein President of ApolloMedia, producers of the SLDN web site. "Utilizing technology in the accomplishment of their goals is vital, and SLDN is using the medium to maximize their effectiveness."

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