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News - October 1996

Let "Ellen" out of the closet

According to the September 28 TV Guide, Ellen Degeneres' title character on her hit ABC sitcom "Ellen" will make television history this season by announcing that she's a lesbian. This would be first time in a network sitcom that a lead character would be openly lesbian or gay.

Unfortunately, a barrage of negative comments and a threat by radical religious groups to boycott the show have erupted at www.tvplex.com, the Web site for Touchstone and Buena Vista Television. Let Touchstone know that this groundbreaking move has your full support. Additionally, assure Touchstone that the lesbian and gay community has a long history of loyalty to advertisers who support the lesbian and gay community.

The producers of the show, including Ellen herself, reportedly plan for the coming out to be a gradual process over the first nine episodes of the season. Alan Klein, GLAAD's National Communications Director, said that this positive and courageous coming out process "reflects Hollywood's commitment to diversity. This would be a major cultural milestone." Don't let small-minded bigots and homophobes decide what you can see on TV.

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