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MORE quotable quotes in the coming out process

by Bill

So you thought that this was over? I would just send in a few quotes one time and that would be it? Well, I guess not. It seems every time I actually come out to someone or talk about gay issues to someone, the comments get even more interesting...and hey, ya never know; they may sound like ones you have gotten, and will have in the future!

"Well, when I was young, my mom had this friend that we thought was. But back then, you did not talk about it, you know? But, Mom gave me this book..."The Well of Loneliness" and had me read it. So, I guess I always figured that this is the way that some people are and that they are really not different than anyone else. I have known so many gays in my lifetime..."
-- My School Nurse (Note: The Well of Loneliness is an early book about a lesbian.)

"Well, I don't know, I just do not see people by their sexual orientation. If I have a friend or someone that is gay, it does not bother me. I just like PEOPLE. I have found that most of the gay men in my church tend to sing in the choir, and live horridly closeted lives. Now, let me tell you about my first husband, he was such a male chauvinist, one night he came home and demanded I make dinner, I said 'no, if you are hungry why don't you go out shopping and get yourself something?' Know what his response was? No, YOU go shopping, bitch, I ain't no damned faggot! As if heterosexual men cannot do shopping. You know, he and his friends used to tell me about how they would go and beat up on the "punks" as in gay men. Ugh. Now, I am looking for the type of guy who treats me like a queen, sensitive, and who has a good heart....and, needless to say, goes out shopping."
-- An African American lady, who is in charge of diversity issues in my school. She is also a devout Christian!

"Well, you can believe any bullshit you want, just make sure that when all is said and done, that we will be in the same place."
"What place is that, Rick (almost as if I knew the answer)?"
(He points to the sky)
"Well, how do you know YOU are going there anyway?"
He shrugs.
-- A conversation I had with my brother regarding why I support Pres. Clinton...my reasoning that started this debate? Because the religious right bothers the hell out of me! Needless to say, he does not agree.

"Well, I talked to this fellow nurse at another college, and she has been a nurse for 35 years, and he told me that she just could not BELIEVE that people had anal sex!"
-- A chat I had with my school nurse...kind of reminded me of a commercial for margarine. I did not ask her what brought this conversation on!

"Well, I just figure it is like being left handed, you know?"
-- A conversation I had with my dad, regarding the ridiculous and discredited theories spewed by the religious right as to what causes homosexuality. Needless to say, my Dad and I are in total agreement, and he was shocked that such B.S. theories exist in the first place! (You know, the one about the supposed dominant mom and passive or absent dad...that is alotta crap! I am living proof that it is a false theory.)

"Well, in the seventies I was in all those gay bars a little while north of here, and let me tell you back then you would see things that would make your ears curl back! I had a lot of gay male friends, but most died. But I am married and settled down now, so I do not go out anymore. Homosexuality is so acceptable now! Everyone in my daughter's school is bi anyway! How come you had such a problem as an adolescent?"
-- A female hairdresser who I had an interesting chat with during a haircut. The only reason I did not tip her was...she was WRONG about that school! It is hellaciously homophobic! (Just kidding, I tipped her, but she was still wrong about that school!)

"So what if you are gay? Who gives a shit? But one thing I do not agree with is going to those marches and being so open. That is no one's f-ing business! "
-- A conversation I had with my Mom, which, after getting over the shock of hearing the "S" and "F" words, I explained to her the need to be out, active, and go to pride events....she understood. (I think)

"Well, do what you must, live and let live is my motto."
-- Owner of the bakery I get my breakfast in every morning.

"I just think you are born that way, now have another piece of cake, it is Danish! It is interesting that we are both Scandinavian! Was it your Grandpa or Grandma that was from Sweden?"
-- An interesting lady who was born in Denmark, that is involved with a political organization I work with. (At least it was cake she was feeding me, and not Lutafisk...a nasty fish dipped in lye for preservation, to be served on Christmas eve.)

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