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The Day I Woke Up

by Christopher Giarmo

Today I woke up. I jumped up into a storm of words that were flung at the innocent.
Today I woke up into a ballroom of happiness crashed on by hurting sorrow.
Today I woke up and the world did not stop as I had predicted in unconscious wishes.
I woke up. It wasnıt hard. I grabbed onto a phrase and flew away to face reality.
Awakened by the sound of screaming lungs, I felt the worldıs sadness.
Today is when I saw the real day and the light shone on a black fog whoıs miasma was deadly.
It was only a moment that it took me to arise out of my bed of imprinted, eternal thoughts, and the issues meant nothing.
I realized how stupid the population was to believe this rubbish, and it stood alone over us.
My world is over.
Now I am awake.
This day is not one of pleasure, as dreamt of, but one of carefully laid out despair, for I woke up today.

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