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Gay youth groups needed for research project

A national study of the challenges faced by lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered youth conducted by Penn State University is seeking additional groups to participate. To date, over 350 youths have assisted, from 24 community groups from all over the country (and even New Zealand!) and from 14 college or university groups. Although the study is not done, some early findings were recently presented at the American Psychological Association, and the study was mentioned on "48 Hours" in its program on youth "from the class of 2000."

To participate in the study, a group coordinator, facilitator, or leader needs to contact the project. We will send information about what the project involves. Briefly, people complete a detailed survey about their lives, which takes about one hour. The survey needs to be done in a group meeting, with the coordinator present. When the group is done, the leader simply sends the completed surveys back to Penn State. All answers are anonymous....no names are to be put on the survey.

We have learned much about the needs of lgbt youth, but need to know much more. Helping in the research will make a difference! To get information about the project, email Daniel Chesir at chesir@xp.psych.nyu.edu or Tony D'Augelli at ard@psuvm.psu.edu. You can also call Dr. D'Augelli at 212-998-7826. We will do our best to get back to you as quickly as we can. If you wish to participate, it's important that you give us a mailing address, as we will need to send you an information packet about the project first....Thanks!!

Dr. Tony D'Augelli
Penn State University

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