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Liz Gaden

November 1996

Safety At School

In the past couple of weeks a lot has happened to me. Two weeks ago I was at school and I received my first threat. It was kind of frightening. You see, I'm not out but I always wear a rainbow necklace to school just for my own personal satisfaction; just so I know that I am wearing it.

Anyway, I am assuming this person didn't expect me to do anything about it. Well, I reported it to the counselor, who reported it to the assistant principal. Then she was going to call him into her office and talk to him about it. I don't know if anyone called him in yet.

From what I have heard from my friends (he was a friend of a friend), this person is very moody and gets angry easily. This is not a very comforting thing to hear. I now have the fear that when he gets called in he might not retaliate against me with violence; but he may out me. He also might not do anything. I really don't know.

I am afraid that when I go to school tomorrow my friends will know that I am gay but they won't want to say anything about it, so they will remain very distant. I am also afraid that they will come up to me and ask me is I am a lesbian. I don't know how I will respond. I am also afraid that they won't know anything, that he didn't say anything and he didn't out me. A part of me is very frightened of being out at school. Yet another part of me is ready to come out and sees this as a perfect opportunity.

If anyone else has been in a situation similar to this, please e-mail me at: jackson@bga.com. Or if you just want to drop me a line and say "hi" I am always happy to hear from people. See you next month.

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