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Letter from the Editor

November 1996

Hmm... lots of changes brewing here at Oasis. I guess the biggest changes will be that as of the January issue, Jase Pittman-Wells will step down as Oasis' designer and web master and I will step down as editor. Jase has offered to help his successor keep things up to par, and I will still maintain a leadership role in the magazine while I try and focus my energies on other things to be named at a future date.

Mike Ditto will serve as Oasis' editor beginning with the January issue. He has always been incredibly enthusiastic about being a part of Oasis, Oasis' future direction and such, so it seemed to be a logical choice to me. Although a lot of the magazine, I assume, will remain the same, Mike will be responsible for the direction of the webzine as far as selection of cover stories and profiles in courage.

A big part of selecting Mike is that I'm not going anywhere, so I need to have someone in there with whom I can work well without them feeling like I'm breathing down their neck. I will still be heavily-involved in the magazine, including several projects that will bring even more content to the webzine. As things stand now, I barely have enough time to do the day-to-day operations to get the issue out each month. Now, I can also concentrate on getting Oasis into more distribution channels without it cutting into my time spent producing Oasis.

The look of the webzine will remain intact for now, since we only launched the new redesign last month. At a future date, Mike can decide if it need to be updated/changed.

So, join me in welcoming Mike on as Oasis' editor.



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