Letters to the Editor

November 1996

Pissed off


OK, this article in your last mag written by Jay REALLY pissed me off. I myself am not a Republican or a Democrat but many of my friends are.

For her to say that all republicans are evil, gaybashing, closed minded, non-caring, hateful people is f**king ludicrous.

I'm really sick of people like this who think that of Republicans. It's those people who are truly closed minded. And to get her message across in such a pathetic manner made it even worse. I just hope his opinion is not shared with the staff of Oasis. OK, that's my gripe of the day.


[Ed. note: Most importantly, to Jay anyway, is that he is a he. Beyond that, he writes an opinion column. Nothing any of our columnists writes is indicative of the opinion of Oasis, since there is no such thing.]

To be real...

I recently had the honor of reading your article on Dan Renzi of The Real World.

I am also a 22 yr old gay male from the midwest. I, however, am still in the closet. Mr Renzi really got to me. I've only watched two episodes of the Real World in my life, and neither have been on his season. But now I may have to start tuning in.

I'd really like to express my gratitude for his courage.

Thank you,


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