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News - November 1996

The CAT GLB Youth Discussion Group

Would you like to take part in open and informative discussion about the issues that face GLB youth? Do you think it would be cool to make new friends from all over the world? CAT provides a GLB youth Listserve as a public service. Both youth and adults are welcome. This list is moderated by our very own Mike Reddin.

To subscribe, please follow these simple instructions:

Send an e-mail message to: cat-glb-discussion-request@complete.org (the subject is ignored) In the BODY of the message, just type the word "subscribe" without the quotes.

If you have an e-mail SIG, please turn it off. Only one request per message.

Please note the discussion group is moderated and off-topic posts, advertisements, profanity, etc. will not be tolerated. We reserve the right to ban any user from the list. Use at your own risk.

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