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Prom Night

By Alex Kwan

I walked towards Len, a smile on my mouth. He was so very handsome tonight, all dressed up in that tux. He ran his hand through my short, silky red hair, an action he loved. I smiled at Len contentedly, then looked in the full length mirror again. It reflected an image very familiar indeed, Lenny (only I call him Len), the football team captain, the All-American boy, and me, well, just plain old me. He held my hand softly, as if afraid he could break it.

Len kissed my lips, then said against them, "Haven't we waited all senior year for this? Our Senior Ball?" I murmured back, "The traditions, the traditions, the traditions!" He laughed then, breaking our eerie 'psychic' flow. I looked back into the mirror to check my clothing, to make sure everything was at its proper place. The dark red rose Len so lovingly gave me complimented my red hair just right. He frowned at me, "You fuss as much as your mother!" "She was the one who gave me my beauty! Shouldn't you be a bit grateful?" I said back.

Finally done with waiting, he pulled me along, out of the door and into the limo. I chuckled at his impatience, and happily slid into his strong arms. He tried to put his hand into my clothes, and I scolded him, "After the Ball! You don't want to arrived there all disheveled, do you?" Amusement in his eyes, he answered, "You just don't want to be disheveled? No other reason?" "Of course not! I am as sexual, no, as sensual as you are. After all, this is the Nineties, right?" I replied. Len laughed again, then picked me up and put me down on his lap. We necked and kissed our way to the hotel.

When we arrived at the hotel, it was filled with our classmates already. Everyone was in his or her group, not daring to make new friends. I sighed at their stolidity, and then jumped when Len nibbled my ear. I hit him on his shoulder, for a moment hating again his four inches over my five feet eight frame. I wanted to look at him eye-to-eye. Len, holding my hand, pulled me onto the dance floor, then told the band to play a slow song. They played 'Kiss from a Rose' by Seal, my favorite, and we started a slow dance, my head on his shoulder. Our classmates, seeing that we were already on the dance floor, silently follow suit.

We ignored the glances and the sneers from our fellow classmates, and dwelled on the sweetness of the dance. Our dear classmates, especially the football team, had been against our relationship since the beginning, simply because he was Chinese and I was Jewish! What kind of messed up thinking was that!? I would always remember the day that Chinese girl so icily said, "We don't like you stealing our boys, kike! Stick to you own kind!"

The night slowly ended, the dismay from our classmates at the sight of Len and I so happy together finally forgotten, though only for a night. Len and I had danced all the slow dances pressed together, his strong arms around my slender waist, my head on his muscular chest. Then we danced all the fast dances, well, let's just say the phrase 'born to be wild' would certainly be appropriate.

As we get out of the hotel, a group of boys, some from the football team and some from the basketball team, attacked us. Fortunately, Len was the best fighter all around, and he won the fight. Strangely, it was this one time physical fight, and not our daily emotional and spiritual fight against their sneers and taunts that finally earned their respect. I guess boys, after all, will be boys. These boys started to help us after this fight, convincing all the other kids that our relationship was as natural and normal as possible.

When we finally graduated, all the senior class was friends with Len and I. The class of 1993 voted us to be 'Couple of the Year.' You can be sure Len and I had good laughs over that! All right, that's the end, reader. Oh, wait, one thing I forgot to tell you: Len and I were both guys.

Alex Y. Kwan, 16, is a high school senior in Walnut Creek, California.
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