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Michael Ditto

December 1996

First of all, I'd like to wish Oasis a happy first anniversary! Oasis was great with the first issue and has gotten nothing but better!

Wow, this has been one heck of a month, let me tell you. As you all may or may not know, I am taking over as both Editor and designer for Oasis in January. To get my feet wet, I started by editing all of this month's feature columns. So if you see any egregious splellink or grammar errors, it's my fault!

I am learning more about the nuances of HTML than I ever wanted to know. Boy, and I thought memorizing all of those XPress tags was boring... Actually, if you know anything about XPress tags, Style Tags or Rich Text Format, HTML is not all that different. If you have no idea what I am talking about, try going to the view menu in your browser and choose "source". In fact, I am enjoying HTML so much that I wrote this article directly into the coded HTML page. (actually, I am just psyching myself up to do the index page, which is a nightmare waiting to happen)

Officially I am making this my last Oasis feature column. With all of the new editorial duties, I will have my hands full. Additionally, I will also be writing many of the cover stories and Profiles in Courage. Thanks to all of you who sent me e-mail these past few months. You are why I kept writing!

I think you will find that we have some great content this month. Keep your eyes on Oasis in the next year for new features, great new content and of course, all the stuff you have come to expect each month.

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