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Letter from the Editor

December 1996

It's hard to believe this issue marks the one year anniversary of Oasis.

When I first launched the webzine, I told people the true value in Oasis would be when we existed for a year. And now, that prediction is a reality. A youth coming out today will have a tremendous resource in Oasis, because with all of our back issues online, they have hours and hours of reading material available, most of which is written by youth.

I remember my own coming out a few years back, and the voracious appetite I had for reading about anything queer. In absence of any national magazine adequately addressing gay youth, Oasis has filled that niche.

The upcoming year looks to be equally satisfying as Oasis plans to launch on America Online in the near future, and is talking with other major online providers about getting linked to their service offerings.

This issue also marks the departure of me as editor and Jase Pittman-Wells as designer. Jase initially signed on to do one issue, and stayed a year. His tenure allowed us to provide substance with style.

I will now remain part of Oasis as a regular contributor and will remain listed as its founder. Michael Ditto will take the editorial helm beginning next month.

My work will continue online, though, as a new service offering for gay youth is currently in the works. The new offering will tie in with Oasis and make both stronger.

But in looking back, I can't help to think of the wonderful stories that have been told by our volunteer writers. Each month, they shared parts of their lives, sometimes pushing the edge of their own comfort level in doing so.

In putting out Oasis in my spare time, I have been often remiss in adequately telling the staff how incredible I think they all are to share so much each month. I hope you take the time to drop them a quick e-mail and thank them as well, especially if what they say particularly hit home for you. So, thanks for reading for reading Oasis over the past year. And I hope you're looking as forward as I am to seeing where Oasis will go in the future.

But the real reason for Oasis is still you, the reader. Every word we write that bringsyou one inch closer to feeling better about yourself is why we do what we do. Many of Oasis' current writers actually started as Oasis readers who then wanted to become involved. That tradition will likely continue.

Many writers have submitted stories as part of their own coming out process, just getting a rush knowing their name was on a gay story in a gay magazine and that people were reading it all month. I won't name specific stories, but many national youth stories appeared in Oasis before they ever appeared in the mainstream gay press. That tradition will continue.

In closing, I just want to thank you for supporting us, as we continue to offer support to you. That's why we keep doing this.


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