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How's the New Place?

by Dan Gauthier

I flick off all the lights in my apartment.
The coldness like a dagger through my heart went.

Chilled and alone I crawl beneath the covers.
I sleep alone, though most my friends have lovers.

It doesn't have to be this way, I know this.
Oft' times, the company, I find, I do miss.

My body warms the sheets; I curl up tight.
Deep thoughts, they come and go this time each night.

My breathing breaks the silence. I'm alone.
Here I'm kept socially a prisoner to my phone.

I like the cold, sometimes it helps me sleep.
In dreams I swim with fears I'll go too deep.

A knob up on the wall will turn the heat up if I turn it.
Yet I refuse to touch it. Rather save money than burn it.

I search for answers hiding in my mind,
Tucked away in secret places I can't find.

Revelations only come to me but when
I drift off into sleep and drop my pen.


I wake up in the morning needing
Pillow cases dried.
For in the night my eyes were bleeding
Tears no one knew I cried.

Dan Gauthier, 29, is a software engineer at DataViews Corp. in Massachusetts. His hobbies include IRC (his nick is pcofdirt), watching and playing hockey, movies, games, candlepin bowling, and Babylon 5. He can be reached at dang@crocker.com and dan@dvcorp.com. His home page is at http://www.crocker.com/~dang.
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