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A Poem Is...

by Brandon Lacy

A poem is a living breathing
exhalation of the stars
trapped and free,
the scion of beggar and king.

A poem is crystallized life,
the unnamed myth, it is once upon a time,
and happily ever after.

A poem is a mass grave,
a discarded cigarette,
the stench of unrequited love,
a torrent of sundried hopes, crushed,
into a pulp of recycled fantasies.

A poem is fatal,
the fountain of eternal damnation,
divided evenly,
into the sum of the Holocaust,
and its blameless heroes.

A poem is the blackness
of my skin,
the roughness of a tender soul,
the soft coffee of my eyes,
the rose touched kiss of my lips,
and the black hole of my loneliness.

A poem is a crystal staircase,
and still it rises,
to where the sidewalk ends,
in a Grecian urn.

A poem is anything, everything, nothing,
emptiness, the color purple,
and my brothers cracked ego,
it is a lovers smile, a slaves chant,
a southern Baptist hymn,
and a little white lie,
it is the mildew in a sink,
it is what the wondering dove,
the wayward child, and the downtrodden,
sigh into the shadowed dew,
of a dark and stormy night.

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