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Two poems

by Terrance Wood

Clubland Free-for-all

I walk the walk
Talk the talk
With blow-me eyes and fuck-me pants
I'm a walking, talking, club boy dancing, sweating, smoking
Look my way and I'll catch your eye...
Suck my face & touch my thigh.
Nice shoes...
Screaming queer do me here!
clubland stall, free for all
With complimentary totebag and blowjob to go
Feel so important...sailor
and the DJ plays on
into the night.

Defiant Manyana

His hands on my face
It's wrong but it's right
It's day but it's night
Where do you begin
Standing in an open city with tunnel vision & a dime to my name
I'm opened & guarded & scared - Honesty never sounds correct
I've spent so much time on one side of the fence that I'm scared
the other way is blocked off.
That I'm bared from going the other way - not permitted
Scared at what might be yet angry that it hasn't been done yet
A attractive woman with a white face 7 red lips smiles at me & I scurry to the bar & buy a guy a drink.
I'm a hetero in transit
A homo in fear
There's a drop of blood circulating for ever time we refuse to try
You ran for the hills you canceled it out
fear is such a broad based word who's meaning covers everything... encompasses all
Is lack of focus an excuse to fuck off?
I wonder

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