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January 1997


Gaydar. Have you ever heard of this strange word? Ever applied it to your life? You might have very strong gaydar or you might not have very much at all.

Gaydar is a term used to describe if you think a person is gay by either the way they look or their personality and how fast you are at determining this.

As you probably have figured out by now, gaydar is totally based on stereotypes. People that use gaydar will look at a woman and notice her short hair or her masculine clothes or they'll look at a man and notice his feminine walk or if they wear an earring and feminine clothes.

I, myself, use gaydar everywhere I go. Whether it's restaurants, the movies or stores. I'm always on the look out for people that might be like me.

I can't say that I have strong gaydar though. There have been many times where I've been positive a person has been a lesbian and then I see her three kids and husband run up to her.

I do think gaydar is a good thing though. It gives you something to do during a really boring movie and sometimes it makes you feel just a little less isolated. By finding people that could be like you.

On the contrary, gaydar can be very unfair to straight people that look or act like homosexuals. It's hard enough getting criticism about being gay, but it's even harder when your not gay but still getting teased.

I don't know exactly how you get good gaydar but I do think it just matters how observant you are.

If you've never thought about using gaydar before then give it a try. Go somewhere and try to guess who's gay and whose not. And don't worry if your wrong. I'm always wrong but it's still fun.


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