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January 1997

Pssst! Hey you...Yeah, you! Did'ja see the new picture? Take a close look... What's different? No silly... Not the shirt, look closer. Think 'fruit'. Think you know what it is? The printer in the background? Well...ummm...yeah, it's a Macintosh. But no, I'm talking about ME. The hair? What about the hair? It's orange? Well what do you know? It is--impressive, no?

Yeah, anyway… Guess what I did this month? Well lets see. I dyed my hair this totally outrageous shade of orange (it's a reddish orange as you can tell from the picture). I met someone and I got back a WHOLE bunch of CDs that I haven't seen in almost a year. And I think that about sums everything up. So lets start from the beginning like always, because the beginning is always the best place to start.

Oh, and by the way...it's cliché month. well just for me. The rest of the world can celebrate whatever 'month' they want.

Anyway, so I met someone. Who is he? His name is Chris (that brings it down to about 25% of the global population). He's tall, cute, smart, and more importantly sweet. He's one of the nicest people I know, and he knows it (believe me). He's a friend of a friend and a friend on IRC. So he's a friend from IRC, and the friend's friend from real life. Confused yet? No? Damn… Oh well. Anyway we like met, and saw Beautiful Thing, which is a good movie by the way. Not as good as natural born killers, but then I guess that's like comparing apples and ORANGES. (wooo a cliché AND a hair reference...applaud me!)...*clap* *clap* *clap* So anyway the next day, I got together with him again, and met his friends, and his friends loved me (at least that's what he said). And I love his friends. And so the next day I was "officially" asked out Special? Me? Why yes, I do believe I am.

So now I have a boyfriend…my first boyfriend. Scary? Yes. Should I be scared? Maybe. Am I scared? No. I really trust him, and he respects me, which is really important. And I respect him. I know how I was going on and on about how picky I was, and how I never thought I would meet someone, and how I would NEVER settle for anything less then the best, and well... to be honest... I haven't...I've stayed true to myself. I really like him. And I know this is the right thing.

On a lighter note...I got like 4 CDs back from a friend today, who had them hiding in her house for like a year. I love Portishead so much. That CD is like the soundtrack to my life. So needless to say, I missed not having it. I also got back my Filter CD (blah), my Radiohead CD (yay) and my mother's garbage CD (yay)... Yeah, it's my mother's. She likes a lot of the same kind of music I do... Scary, no?

OK... The final important thing this month. I dyed my hair orange, yes, orange. It's like the setting sun it's so bright. I LOVE it. Anyway, my father hates the colour, which is bothersome to a certain degree. My mother doesn't like it, but she respects my decision, and she isn't forcing me to dye it back. My father would like to force me, but my mother won't let him. Anyway it's causing HUGE amounts of grief for my mother, so I think I'll be dying it back soon. Well not too soon. If I dye it back before the end of the week (this is the last week before Christmas holiday) then it'll look like I chickened out. So it's a pride thing. I want to keep it this colour for Christmas day with the family, because I know it will drive my relatives up the wall. They won't believe it. Oh well, we'll see.

I really like the colour, and the response to it from friends has been totally favourable. They like it. And I like he attention it gets. That's not the reason that I did it, but certainly it's a bonus. I've always wanted outrageously coloured hair, and now I have it...YAY ME!

Anyhow, do you guys and gals remember the art class boy that I had a huge crush on? Yeah well like the day after I wrote the article, all feelings for him disappeared. I'm not saying that just because I have a boyfriend now and stuff…I think the guy's a twit now. And if I hear ONE more thing about his freaking girlfriend, I swear I'll stab him with whatever I have in my hand that the time (and NO, you sick people...that's not what I had in mind).

So this month comes to a close, Christmas is less then ten days away, and you may be asking yourself what I want? Well I really don't know what I want. Surprise me!

Oh... and you guys SUCK! NONE of you (so far) were able to answer LAST month's super-special-contest. The answer was "Outerspace Girl" by the beloved. Anyway since you all did badly with that one. I'll give you an easy one.

"She lives with a broken man, a cracked polystyrene man who just crumbles and burns. he used to do surgery for girls in the eighties but gravity always win and it wears him out."

Blah. That was TOO easy. Anyway. email me and stuff. I get back to everyone. It's true. Oh, and I'm still trying to figure out just what to call the colour my hair is now. It's not quite orange. Anyway, send your best suggestions to me and I'll post the top five? Top ten? I dunno, we'll see.

Yes boys and girls! It's 1997! It's NEW and IMPROVED! It tastes GREAT and goes down SMOOTH! Get yours TODAY!


<static> Houston, over?...<static> come in Houston,
over?...<static>...[Houston] we read you Dan, over...<static>...[Houston]
come in Dan, over...<static>...Houston, mission accomplished,
over...<static>...[Houston] is it complete,
over...<static>...yes...repeat...yes it's complete,
over...<static>...[Houston] then you're cleared for landing,
over...<static>...roger Houston, Dan disembarking now, over...<dead air>

This column brought to you by the letters D, and S, and the number 6.

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