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Letter from the Editor

January 1997

Wow, this marks my first issue as the Editor of Oasis in full capacity. I really had no idea what I was taking on when I agreed to replace Jeff in December. Oasis is an unbelievably complex series of pages. Editing the content supplied by our wonderful writers is a challenge, and constructing the pages in HTML is something which is very new to me.

With that in mind, I very much look forward to the challenge Oasis poses. We are always treading on new ground here. Oasis is now in its second year ever, and Oasis is the first magazine of its kind in the history of mankind. Never before has it been so easy for queer and questioning youth to access this kind of a resource, and if we are doing our jobs, it is making life a bit easier for our target readers.

Thoughtful and timely writing has no age limits or target audience however, so it's important that we acknowledge the role of Oasis in educating the non-gay public as well. Our fantastic writers provide the world each month with insightful, exciting reading which takes on the reader's belief systems and triggers the reader to think about why they believe what they believe.

With all of that said, I invite you to really explore this and past issues of Oasis, and keep your eyes on the future! With issues such as same-sex marriage and censorship on the Internet dominating the national news headlines, there will be a lot to consider in the next twelve months!



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