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News - December 1996

Roseanne Character Outed

Roseanne's mother Beverly Harris, played by Estelle Parsons on the popular sitcom, came out to her family during Thanksgiving dinner. The show pointed out the frustrations and pain Beverly felt living life in the closet and the challenge of coming out to one's family regardless of age.

For years, Roseanne has been a leader in presenting lesbian and gay issues. >From Nancy (Sandra Bernhard) coming out as bisexual to the introduction of Roseanne's gay business partner Leon (Martin Mull) and his recent wedding to Scott (Fred Willard), Roseanne's track record on gay issues is unmatched. Roseanne's fair and accurate representation of lesbians and gay men garnered GLAAD Media Awards in 1992, 1993 and 1995.

There is no doubt that both Roseanne and the ABC television network will receive their share of bigotted attacks from religious extremists that, according to GLAAD's National Communications Director Alan Klein, "want to deny the realistic rendering of the true American landscape."

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