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Brandon Lacy

March 1997

I have no idea what to write about this month, so I believe that I am going to ramble along and see what comes out? Ready? Lets go.

A new semester is starting, and once again I have been dragged into "volunteering" for activities that I didn't really want to do, but in the grander scheme of self-advancement, I thought wise to accept.

This semester I am leading a peer group, made up of largely evangelical Christians, from Africa and eastern Europe. Of course I am sitting here thinking, the night before the new student arrive, that I am going to spend the next three days in living hell, and that's being positive.Three of the students in the group are from Kenya, not the most gay friendly country in Africa. And, to top it off, I have never felt a huge amount of welcome in the African American community, and have found even less with Africans I know, especially African men. Culture clash of major proportions predicted on the horizons.

I've always wondered why it seems that gay people have a greater endurance for bearing unseemly loads. Is it because we have carried so much for so long, that we don't notice anything new, until we finally collapse under the pressure? Or maybe we are sponges, absorbing it, but unable to do anything with what we have made a part of us.

Running around my mind has also been the idea of "our" collective future in the United States. Bill Clinton won re-election. He no longer has to worry about playing re-election politics, so I am wondering what his true colors will play out to be. Will Bill become our straight champion, or will he spend his time in gridlock, fighting Republicans, turn coat Democrats, AND Paula Jones. That line of thought also leads me to postulate on the results of the last election, and the record number of out gays elected. I am wondering if perhaps we are making our own champions, and if so, will we support them, or let them become a victim of self pitied apathy.

I happen to be a naturally inquisitive person, with too much on my mind at any one point. Hopefully, in the midst of growing, I'll become more focused, but I highly doubt it.

-Brandon Lacy


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