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Letter from the Editor

March 1997

What a month!

As I am sure you all noticed, Oasis was not online with a February issue due to some serious computer problems early in the month. Rather than risk having the magazine online for only the last half of the year's shortest month, we decided to postpone until the March issue. I trust you will find it tip-top as usual, with some great new contributors and some fabulous work by out time-tested writers. Feel free to send comments and feedback HERE.

The world has seen some real change for the future of queer youth in the past two months. We have ridden the gamut from the potential legalization of same-sex marriage in Hawaii to a terrorist attack on a lesbian nightclub in Atlanta, GA. The bottom line is that what lies ahead looks like it could be a real roller-coaster for all of us. I invite you to write Oasis with your thoughts and feelings on how these most opposite events might affect our lives in the coming year.

I received several e-mails this month complaining about an apparent lack of female contributors. I want to stress, as we have stressed before, if you are female and you would like to see more writing by womyn contributors, then please feel free to write! Oasis is not exclusive in any way; we can only print what we receive, and so far the author-pool has been somewhat male-dominated. I do however invite you to read the columns contributed by people like Annie and Beverly, and also to notice our newest female contributor, Dr. Kate Fordham. And keep writing!


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