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A NEW IRC Channel for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Youth!

Well, there's another new year upon us. Out with the old, in with the new; yet another Auld Lang Syne. Let's break out the champagne and caviar and welcome the newest of youth-oriented gay IRC channels, #GayOasis!

#GayOasis opened on January 1, offering a safe no sex environment, as well as a social gathering place, to gay and questioning youth. #GayOasis has absolutely no age restriction, but we've found that most people that have frequented the channel thus far are between the ages of 15 and 25.

#GayOasis' main purpose is to offer a safe place for gay youth to socialize and address any questions that he/she may have concerning his/her sexuality. It is designed on a no sex premise, of course, which helps prevent pedophilia or pornographic picture distribution on the open channel.

The channel is administered by Light (light@isource.net), Qpid (qpid@isource.net), SoftLord (softlord@pobox.com), and Duckie (empress@america.com). The idea for the channel began when some people were displeased with the route #GayTeen had taken and felt that a new channel could be unobtrusively created. #GayOasis openly encourages membership in both channels, as each provides a unique environment for gay youth.

The name #GayOasis was adopted when the channel administration approached Jeff Walsh, founder of Oasis, and he agreed to fully sanction the channel. The channel also welcomes the writers of Oasis to enter and discuss articles, creative works, etc.

#GayOasis is not, however, a counseling channel. We will try to assist gay youth in any way we can, but we are not licensed counselors or psychologists. We are here to offer friendship and fun, not professional help.

We hope you'll join us on #GayOasis. Help us make it the fun place that it's meant to be! Check it out!

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