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By D.J. Belanger

One night as I lay quietly,
a tear began to fall.
What sad thought had I been thinking,
I simply don't recall.

I will relate what happened
as I lay alone that night.
An HIV carepartner approached me
and questioned my sad plight.

"I'm so sorry that you're sad.
Is there something I can do?
I'll gladly sit with you awhile,
things are better when there's two."

I saw a shadow by my bed,
as that gentle voice did speak.
A soft, caring, loving hand
brushed that tear then from my cheek.

My memory has faded
of the time that I was sad.
But I'll always treasure
the special moment that we had.

A gentle touch, a caring word,
and the comraderie we did share.
Thank God for those precious times
when my HIV carepartner was there.

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