April 1997

"I've been swimming in a sea of anarchy,
I've been living on coffee and nicotine"

-- Sheryl Crow

It's April. The school year is over. Finally. I am soooooo out of the proverbial closet. And, everyone is cool with it. So, I guess that makes me cool with it also. People can surprise you. I didn't think it would be like this. And I try to be fun-loving. Like the other day, I ate eight Snickers bars. I love chocolate, and it was worth it to see the looks on everyone's faces when I ate that eighth bar. SWEET!!!!!!!!

I was sick for the past week. I had a fever of about 105, and couldn't eat anything without running to the bathroom 5 minutes later. Damn. My dad found out I was writing for Oasis. He got all bent out of shape. I rolled my eyes at him, which I know drives him nuts. He say I'm only hurting myself. Funny it's not hurting as bad as when I told him the first time. Since we only hurt the ones we love, then it can't be a big problem. He needs to get a life, and stop meddling in mine. My parents drive me out of my mind.

Stress. Tiredness. Defeat of the mind. That's really all I know these days. I've been losing sleep. I need about 6 weeks off from school: 3 to get my wits back about me, and 3 to enjoy regaining my sanity.

Like right now. It's about 10:30 PM. I sat down to write my introduction to my thesis statement, and I got writer's block. Not a good thing you know. So I shifted my focus here to get the juices flowing. Not working yet. Did you know that people are idiots? Everyone is, even me. I'm an idiot, because I don't know how to relax. Other people are idiots because they can't write tests with correct answers on the damn thing. For instance, on a chem test I took, the questions was, "Involving the elements F, Cl, Na, Mg, Ga, K, and I, which of the flowing is false? : A) F is the most electronegative, B) Cl is less electronegative then F, C) Na is the least electronegative, D) Mg is more electronegative than Na, E) Ga is less electronegative than Cl. Now for any of you who know chemistry, ALL OF THOSE ARE TRUE!!!!!!!!! What is wrong with this picture!!??!?!?! Or, if I am mistaken, please tell me!

I'm losing my mind. I need a vacation badly. I have a migraine. I hate my life. I want a good friend that will listen to me bitch. I need to end this column. There really isn't anything to say anymore. Oh well. I usually have a lot to say, but right now, I am to tired to try to. Sorry if I disappointed you readers. I'm kinda disappointed myself. Oh wellÉ

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