Jason Lyons

April 1997

It's another month, so grin and be happy! I know I am. It's been a great month, a few rather 'unplanned' happenings but I have come through with flying colors! Let us see, where to begin...

I don't know how many of you all keep up on Michigan and surrounding weather but it really blew chunks this past week. We had an ice storm that left about and inch and a half of ice on my truck. We were without power for two days and cable for three days. Not fun. After all, I need my MTV! Luckily it happened during spring break though, so I didn't miss any school. I said goodbye to a friendship this month. A friend of mine, I'll call, Dew, got into debate with me about the Bible. He told me that all homosexuals would burn in hell. The Bible tells him so. I told him I didn't agree. I told him that I felt if God is this person full of unconditional love then why would he keep it from certain people. Dew responded with, "Because the Bible says homosexuality is wrong and they need not choose to sleep with those of the same sex."

Me: "I don't believe homosexuality is a choice. I believe that we are all born as beings that are bisexual and that we either tend to experience feelings of homosexuality of heterosexuality. I believe God has made us this way so why would he make us with desires that he feels are wrong."

Dew: "That is his way of testing us."

Me: "Well then if God is testing us in such an abusive manner then I hope that your God is not Mine."

In the end, he told me because of my beliefs we can not be friends. That was like plunging a dagger into my stomach and leaving me to deal with it. We have been friends for nine years, I stood by him through so many hard times and was there no matter what choice he made. It makes me angry to think he can't return the favor. And in case you are wondering, in the midst of the conversation he told me that he had experienced homosexual desires. He felt if he could fight it anyone could. I'm moving on now.

My dad found my book 'A Queer Geography'. We are doing some remodeling and he moved my bookstand and went through them to see if I had any good reading materials. He didn't mention seeing it, I wonder if he will?

I had a friend make some sexually suggestive comments to me the other day. It was kind of strange because I never dreamed that he of all people would be queer. No, I take that back. There was a time when I wondered but I decided not because there just wasn't enough to go on. I'd have to say there is enough now. And in ode to my favorite vocal diva, It's 'Ironic'. Why? Because he just happens to be Dew's step-brother! What a family portrait. So now Dew doesn't understand why his brother would want to continue talking to me. By the way, Dew went back and told the entire family about our conversation and that would explain why his brother would know that I wouldn't be offended by his comments. Anyway you may be wondering what I did. Nothing...well sort of. I just looked at him and grinned. I didn't know what else to do. After all, it isn't like I'm not attracted to him. He's nice, really sweet and concerned for the well being of others. He has made the choice to not drink alcohol because of family history. That tells me he is pretty responsible. He will be going to college this fall. He is really intelligent to top it off. A lot of fun to be around and spend time with. The more I think about it the more I like the idea of becoming more than friends with him, but then I think I will wait on that. The friendship is good now. And really I'm not sure, as much as I want one, that I am ready for a relationship. I'll have to wait and see.

I went to Ann Arbor with a gal pal of mine about a week ago. We had such a blast. But then we always do. She and I are sort of the Poets in our group of friends that are composed mostly of cognitively challenged jocks. Figuratively speaking of course. We are like the only people that understand us. We both do and have done things that set us apart from our everyday friends so we bond often out of need to be understood and loved. While we were in Ann Arbor, we went a few really cool stores (In Flight, Cats Meow, and another I don't remember) and we went for coffee at Gratzi. It was so much fun. We try to do it once a month, sometimes twice and it is so cool. Then, in between, we go to another coffee shop in order to keep up on what is going on. I love her, she is so cool.

Well that's about the end of it. Oh, one last thing. I got a rotweiller puppy. Her name is Pooh and she is so cute. But a definite pain in the ass to house break. She ate my favorite Nike hat, and about twelve pair of socks.

I'm out of here for this month. It's been cool. I really enjoy reading everyone else's articles and I hope to see some of veterans write again this month. Missed you guys last. Drop me a line at jtlyons@hotmail.com I'd love to from ya. Love & Peace.

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