Tristan Paine

April 1997

Ah, I've had such writers block this month! I don't know what's going on here, but I can't seem to write ANYTHING! Just thought you'd like to know, as I attempt to tackle this month's column╔

Oh I know: did anyone watch Breaking The Surface: The Greg Louganis Story on the USA network? It was great! I want to get the video. I don't even think I'd ever heard of Greg before I watched this, but it was just starting when I turned on the idiot box, so I thought I'd give it a chance.

Here's a guy who lived through discrimination all his life, yet kept strong all through it. Dignity and everything. I look up to him, a cool role model (and not a bad body at that!). Of course, he also had to deal with his boyfriend for a few years of his life, which, for those of you who missed it, was not a good thing.

I won't spoil it for my friends out there who don't know his story/want to see it, but I'll give a rundown: Not long after high school he met this guy, who he liked, while he was out running one day. They got to know each other, etc., etc. Well, then his BF says that he wants to take care of him for the rest of his life. Greg, vulnerable at the time, accepts, and the two buy a house and move in together with Greg's BF (Tom Barrett is his name) attempting to become his manager.

Unfortunately, Tom is exceedingly abusive, both mentally and sometimes physically. Greg stays with Tom though. After winning a few gold metals, Tom tells Greg that he is a male prostitute and that he has HIV. Greg also tests positive for HIV.

You'll have to get the video to see the rest, but it's a happy ending. Mario Lopez, the hunk from "Saved By the Bell" (he was AC Slater), plays Greg. Any Lopez fans out there? Oh! You've GOT to see him in this move, he shows almost all in those speedos ::grin::.

Switching the subject a little, what to gals (lesbians/bi's) fantasize about? I mean, when I'm thinking romantically I can see myself next to a gorgeous guy (like Mario╔) in a cottage in the country. A fire's roaring and I'm wrapped up in his arms╔ I won't go any farther than that. But I guess I'm just wondering what lesbians think of when they think of an "attractive" woman. I know it "varies" from person to person, but when I think of the general term "attractive", I think: approximately six feet tall, and a well muscled body. But what do women think? Write me, or if you have a column, I'd be interested to find out.

Ack! Want to know something that pisses me off? How about this: there's this kid who's like a six or seven on a scale of one-to-ten effeminism. (Gaydar practically shorts itself out!) He has the lisp down-pat, with a fairly high pitched voice. He's a cheerleader, and he does the "hand-in-your-face-'whatever'" as if he created it. Well, I've tried to be extra nice to him in the last few months. This is mostly because I've learned a lot about homosexuality since last summer/ last school year (when I was fairly mean to him), and I thought that because he was so "effeminate" that it might be nice to try and be a friend. So when everyone was making fun of him in chemistry (he gets razzed on like mad) I stuck up for him, telling everyone to shut up, etc. I'm not exactly that popular either, but when someone was saying something about it, they stopped. This happened more than once, along with others things.

For example, I said 'hi' to him in the halls a lot, and smiled frequently to him, etc., in an attempt to be friendly. He was never very responsive, and actually, was usually quite mean. This is what burns me up. For like six months I've been as nice as possible to him, and yet he still acts like a complete jerk to me!

Argh! Well, enough for this month, I need material for next time. Here's a few parting words: "If it makes you happy, it can't be that bad!" -- Sheryl (she rocks!) "╔you should get over yourself, like everyone else╔" -- Duncan Sheik, mah man! (For the above mentioned!) "Did is a word of achievement, won't is a word of retreat. Might is a word of bereavement, can't is a word of defeat. Ought is a word of duty, try is a word each hour. Will is a word of beauty, can is a word of power.

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