Miguel Solana

April 1997

Well, when I decided to write something for Oasis, I thought that sometimes it is very focused on the USA and Canada, but I want to show you that there are gays all over the world. Of course, you know that, but perhaps all the things are pointing to the north; we may be a minority, but this minority can be found all around the world.

I am a 16-year-old guy from Mexico. I am only out to my parents (I came out on my last birthday, I may write about that in the near future). However, let's start with this whole thing.

Over here, there are no support groups or anything like that, so it is more difficult growing up gay. Most of the people are very close-minded (I want to be in a place where people aren't). Lately, my head is going back and forth on what I want to do with my life, are those times are when you grow. But to be true, it has been so hard for me, even if I am used to being all by myself. The loneliness is always there. One of my main topics is that sometimes I can't really be myself, there's that feeling of wanting to act like you really are and not what they think you may be.

Getting into better things, sexuality has become a word of every day at school, but there is a great problem: "stereotypes," and that doesn't help a bit. I know there are people who are like that, but it may confuse the people who are on the stage of realizing their sexuality. It may not help, especially for people who want to be true. It is hard to break away from the stereotypes of what people think we are.

So far, a well-known youth magazine in their last issue ran an article about homosexuality. I didn't like it, because in a smooth way they were trying to say that most of the times it is a confusion and that when you grow it will go. Now, I can judge that view, because of all this great world was opened to me (maybe that's why I am writing this, just as a reward of the many good things the 'net has given to me). But out there, there are lots of guys who may think they are gay, but at this moment they may all be confused. A while ago, I used to think I was the only one around, now I wonder if there are many. Many guys are feeling the same as me, and that they can't express what they are thinking and feeling, just like me, because of the way we were raised ... millions of minds waiting to be heard.

Maybe now is the time to no longer accept the same things as before, if I can't express what I really think sometimes. Now is the time lots of people have been waiting for, a time for expression, freedom, and acceptance.

Everything for the moment... Miguel

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