Letter from the Editor

APRIL 1997

Hey there, sorry for the delay this month...

You may be wondering why I'm back here, not only editing, but this month coding and publishing Oasis myself. Well, the previous editor had ISP problems and couldn't get online to get his mail from his server and even if he had the content coded and ready to go, couldn't get online to publish it.

There just seemed to be problems each month, be they beta Web authoring packages dying out as Oasis was being assembled, etc., so Mike has decided to step down as editor. And I'm back. My first thought was, who can I get to code this beast? But, since we were already 12 days into the month, I had no time to find anyone and since I do have numerous Web authoring packages here, I took a stab at it myself.

It's strange, but I enjoyed it. I mean, I'll enjoy it a lot more when I'm not late, and just coding a few hours here and there, but the technical side of actually creating the page has actually been peaceful and enjoyable today. I guess it's because Jase left us with such a nice, rich feature-set to emulate, I don't have to think much, just get lost in the process...

Anyway, May Oasis will definitely come out on time. So, come here May 1 and there WILL be a new issue. I do apologize for any problems you've had in not being able to read Oasis recently.

This month, we feature an interview with Lea Delaria, whom I respect and enjoy a great deal. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I liked talking to her. And, no, I don't hate Ellen.

Well, I still have work to do tonight in getting this out, so I won't talk long. Thanks for reading.


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