Submissions sought for book on gay youth

As a 17 year old, living with homosexuality has been very difficult. It is for this reason that I hope I may be able to help someone else in my position, through the book I am currently working on entitled "Talking to the Walls - A story about youth and the gay experience." My goals for this book are simple: to reach as many people as possible with my message, and to share as many viewpoints regarding the issue as possible.

For the latter goal, I will need your assistance. I am looking for submissions, in any format (poetry, narratives, photography, essays, etc.) from as many people as possible. I would like to hear from gay, bisexual, and lesbian youth, as well as some perspectives from straight youth regarding homosexuals. I am also accepting submissions from adults, but I would prefer them to focus on the issues that gay/bi/lesbian youth face.

Please keep in mind that all entries can be made anonymous at your request. However, in order to communicate with you regarding your entry, I will need at least a valid e-mail address or some other way to reach you. If your entry is used in the book, you will receive a free complimentary copy of the book upon publication.

I would really appreciate your support with this project. Entries of any format and length (though they may be edited prior to publication, with your approval) may be sent by email to talk2walls@hotmail.com (note: I am currently in the process of "coming out". I hope to be fully out of the closet soon, and will incorporate the full coming out process in the book. But since I am still partially in the closet, this is not my main e-mail address, and my name does not appear on this request. If this makes you uncomfortable regarding your submissions, please drop me an e-mail, and we will talk about it. I have no problems with revealing my identity to others in my situation, but am not ready to have my name on a public document such as this). If your entry cannot be sent by e-mail (i.e., photographs), please drop me a line and I will let you know how to send them to me.

Any submissions you can provide will be greatly appreciated. This book cannot be as powerful as I had hoped it would be unless I am representing the viewpoints of a diverse selection of people. In other words, I can't do this without your help. Once again, thank you.

Author, Talking to the Walls.

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