The Dream

By Mike Llewin

On the eve of confession
Darkness surrounds me
And the storm of confusion
Entombs my weary mind.

From the wings of the storm,
In the depths of this night,
Your eyes glide towards me:
Saviours blue with light.

Inside you, I dream compulsion,
Taking you over as you take me,
Hold me tighter as the stars smile down.
Make dreamlove with dreampassion,
Hope the dawn will never dawn.
The morning will turn dreamlove, to realscorn.

Your days cannot be bright
With the eternal fires of my night.
Once again I am entombed,
Love shrouded in gloom.

But the world knows me now.
You were mistaken, now corrected.
Hidden passion can be revealed;
Passion that you cannot share. Or can you?

©1997 Oasis Magazine. All Rights Reserved.