Something You Crave

(5th eldest)

By joshua weiss 4-1-96

Is there something?
Is there someone?
You know it.
It is perfect in every way. (But
only in your eyes)
It knows you.
You can feel its sweet breath
on the nape of your neck.
You can feel it
envelop you in the spider-web of its existence.
You can hear it mocking you
as you enter its realm. (its?
her? his?)
You know
in your mind
in your heart
in your soul
that it is very rare for one
to enter its realm and leave pleased.
(rare, but not impossible)
Yet still
it compels you to go forward.
No matter how much you struggle
you can't help but love it.
Have you ever fallen in love?
It was there.
Have you ever fallen out of love?
It was there, too.
You know it conspires against you.
And you know you have no control
No control.
It manipulates you.
It uses you.
It looks at you
like a child's new toy.
It plays with you
and your emotions,
and, upon growing tired of its plaything,
throws you away like an old doll.
But despite it all,
you can't help but cherish it.
You love it. (and you know
it isn't *always* bad)
What is it for you? (it? she? he?)
Is there something you crave?
Then you've felt it.
You've heard its voice.
You've smelled its sweet aroma.
You've anticipated its coming
and raptured in its arrival.
You've felt it course through your veins.
You've loved it as it loves you. (can you bring
yourself to love me?)
You've felt it:
The bittersweet kiss
of Desire...


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