May 1997

My horoscope yesterday said that I would meet someone and fall madly in love... although it says that at least once a week. It hasn't happened yet.

Nice way to start a column, self-pity. This month, April, ( you'll be reading this in May, I presume) hasn't been that bad, though. Report cards came out last week, and I did my usual perfect job! Well, not quite, but a 3.3 GPA is good, which is what I received.

Oh! Before I forget, my e-mail address wasn't given last month, so here it is: cardigan@usa.net And if anybody knew the answer to my lyric trivia-type question, send it to me. I'll repeat it:

"If I could be anything
In the world that flew
I would be a bat
Come swooping after you"

This month's column is aimless. I need direction to this thing. I promise I'll think of something really good for next month. Until then...

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