Jason Lyons

May 1997

It's another month, is everybody smiling? Am I, you ask? Of course. Things have been pretty cool. I got sent out of town on business for a couple weeks, which was great. Spent some quality time with my friends in the big city. I saw a few movies this month; The Saint, Scream (I nearly wet myself), and The Sixth Man. I've started making plans to move in the next year or so. Where to? I don't know for sure yet. A warm state preferably. Year round warm.

I've officially left my church. It wasn't an easy thing to do. It wasn't just leaving my church, but organized religion in general. After giving it a lot of thought, this God that I am being taught about isn't who I believe God is. The God I believe in isn't prejudice, isn't conditional and doesn't punish the innocent. I find myself questioning a lot of what I have been taught these days, not just religion but life in general.

School is finally drawing to a close. Time to start saving up for next semester. I decided to change my goals slightly. I want a double major, Psychology and English, with a minor in religious studies. That last one seems kind of ironic, huh?

There is a guy at work, I don't know that I have ever wrote about him, but I am going to now. We can call him Peter. What is he like. I'd describe him as a philosopher of life...that REALLY enjoys partying. I've had suspicions as to his sexuality for awhile and they only get stronger with each passing day. I think he would be a great friend to have, someone that would possibly take life a little less seriously than I. Now you may wonder why his sexuality would matter if I am only interested in a friendship. That's an easy one. After the crap with Dew, I don't want to become friends with someone that doesn't believe in the diverseness of life. Stop laughing. Okay so maybe I am just the tiniest bit interested in being more than friends with Peter. OK. I've admitted it. What makes me think he may be walking the fence or even on the other side? Like myself, he goes out with his friends and even though they all have significant others, he never does. He never talks about women like most of the guys in this area do (Hicktown, USA). When girls stop him to talk to him or blatantly hit on him, he appears cool and uninterested. He is an extremely handsome guy, he has a fun personality and women come onto him every time he works, but he never bites. He doesn't date. Tell me what you think if you have any thoughts.

I think a lot of people including family are catching onto my sexuality. My Dad has suddenly adopted this respect for homosexuals and my niece keeps dropping slight hints, which I refuse to bite. Maybe not, it could just be my imagination. I guess we will just have to wait and see what develops.

Well I am going to get going. Next month I hope to have some cool things to write about, so we will have to see.

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