Miguel Solana

May 1997

Hey, this is my second column in Oasis, and I feel like it has to contain at least something interesting, life is being pretty much the same, I'm listening to Annie Lennox Why (great song ah?), however let's start with this whole thing.

Many things came to my mind for writing this time: coming out, religion, drugs, between many others; as time passes, I learn something new about all those, before I was like too innocent about them, when I got into high school they all opened up to my eyes. It wasn't exactly a shock, but I grew thinking all those things were not for my life, they were all bad ... life gave me a big lesson.

I never thought about coming out, until I came to the Internet, and saw all those great things (imagine I was planning to lie all my life... impossible now), it was the greatest thing that has happened to me. There (here) I found all the things I should have had from the beginning, however, on my birthday's I decided to come out to my family, I did it... hard to say how the results have been, my mom took it in a positive way, my siblings too... but the problem came with my dad. I broke all his conservative concepts. However, he thinks I'm doing this to punish him, or that it is something he can change.

First, he made me go to a priest, and the priest supported me, so he wasn't happy with that. Then, he arranged an appointment with a psychologist, I'm supposed to be going with, in my opinion, that man is trying to make fit what my dad wants, but that won't work, and I'm just sleepy during the appointment.

Things are currently going well, not that good, but they are OK, coming out has become a big issue for me, over here people are cruel, I still can't come out to all my friends and people, I would like to imagine what the people at school would think about an openly gay student. A teacher said that gayness is caused by masturbation, so go wonder how the misinformation is going over here. Be sure about something, someday in the near future I'll be out to the rest of the people.

Now it comes to religion, I'm supposed to be Catholic. Hey, I'm even confirmed but I don't believe a bean of it. Personally, I believe more in reincarnation, and all the karma thing, it sounds more logical for me, and that way, all the things fit better, without having to believe blindly in things that have been having to change along the years cause they are not reliable with the ages of human kind. If you want to get into the reincarnation thing, try to read Many lives many masters, by Brian Weiss.

When I started high school, last year, I thought that drugs were something I was going to be away from all my life, then I realized that some of the new people I met, had done, or do drugs. You see that their lives are being ruined by themselves. You start looking at drugs as something natural, not about you, but about what you are living, I have had to throw pot and cocaine on the WC. I started thinking it was a problem about youth, drugs weren't big deal for older generation, but for mine it is. I saw the movie Trainspotting, and it is great =)

MMMM... maybe too much for this time, you must be bored by now, however, I tried to make clear my thoughts, for me and you... Everything for the moment.

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