Joshua Weiss

May 1997


Is it just me, or is there this huge let down after one writes his or her debut column for Oasis and then tries to begin another one? The first one is inevitably a sort-of "howdy! this is who I am" sort of letter, and the second... well... I don't quite know what the second one ought to be, so you'll just have to bear with me on this one. I probably said that on my first one. Now I'm just typing stupid things to take up lots and lots of space. ARGH!

In case you're wondering, it's still March. Right smack in the middle of spring break, and the whole notion of this time being "relaxing" is starting to bother me. I have to prepare for the upcoming orchestra concert. (Playing a duet (Bach's double concerto, third movement) with my friend John... he's on marimba, I'm on vibraphone... should be fun) I have to prepare for the two percussion ensembles I'm in for small group contest. I have to do this silly career paper for English class. (Let's see... I have to stretch 8 pages out of my three careers: actor, percussionist, and ... ... well, I forget what the third is... mafia hit man or something of the sort) And of course I have no license to whine about these things because I agreed to do them, but I do so enjoy venting on a public forum.

Speaking of venting, one of the things I heard today is something that really bothers me about people today. When did the word "gay" suddenly go from meaning "happy" to "homosexual", and, by the same token, when did it suddenly begin to mean "stupid"??? I constantly hear things like "That assignment is so gay," and it just sets me off. I go to great lengths explaining that the assignment is not necessarily gay, it could very well be bisexual, or just as straight as 90% of our assignments are.


Not really. Personally, I'd much rather use the term bent. (Great play, btw. by Martin Sherman... look it up!) It has such a nice ring to it, and it already has another meaning (that isn't archaic), so it could probably pass without also coming to mean "stupid". Anyway.

Time Passes...

Okay, now it's April, and apparently the rift in the space-time continuum I was hoping for actually happened, because there I am, big as life, right on the screen. And I'm casually reading through some of the columns before I have to go to school, and I realize that someone already griped about the use of the word "gay." Boy is my face red. Oh well, I'm not going back to change it now...

I must admit, it's a very exhilarating feeling to see my work on a place like Oasis. I love my writing, my poetry, and I really like to share it with people... now I get to share it with a whole bunch of people instead of my little circle of friends, and it feels great. It also feels really cool when people actually start to write you after reading something you've written. All I can say is, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the ride... My most recent work "illuminatus" is coming along with this column, hope you read, hope you like. it's kind of depressing, though... "illuminatus" was written in November, and it's my most recent... I'm trying to remedy that, though... just started a new one called "Dark"... here's hoping.

Well, there's really not all that much more I can say right now, without getting too in depth with a topic... I just hope you take a look at "illuminatus", because that will probably say a lot more about my philosophy concerning technology than I could even begin to say in a column (and with a lot fewer words, too) 8-). I guess the second column was just a stream of consciousness thing for me. I promise next month's will be more structured... maybe by then I will actually have something to say. 8-P Well, when the individual feels, the community reels, I suppose... (Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley)

Everybody's happy nowadays...

Or shouldn't that be "Everybody's gay nowadays"?

as always, joshua

(So tell me, Dark, just where are the things you used to promise me?)

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