Reader praises Oasis

How nice it would have been to have found such a place back when I was your age. Now, at 52, I'm well past the teens as well as anything close to them. I applaud you for your work in helping those of your age begin to accept their gayness. It is indeed an Oasis in a desert of trash and tripe.

If you are able to save even just one teen...who is surfing the net and perchances upon your pages...from performing suicide, you will be blessed by us all. It is such a delight to see the bright light you let shine on the net. I came in here to find out what the teens of today were thinking and I found out.

So many of them are so much bolder than those of my age were, in our teens. It also was nice, for a change, to see people trying to help rather than to tear down...those of us who castigate our own for their sexual proclivities or for their differences. Keep up the good work. I'm sure the man above is smiling down upon all of you.

Sleep Warm,


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